Whitney has a passion for start-ups with a focus on social impact. After 14 years of building her PR career in San Francisco, she missed the blue sky and returned to Idaho. In 2012 she founded Slade Strategies, to help brands tell their story and reach their audience. Her roots in the Wood River Valley have grown into a commitment to the health and success of the community where she was raised. She also loves beautiful cars (at 14 years old her walls were already covered with posters from Road & Track magazine). In 2018 together Whitney, Maya Blix and Dave Stone co-founded the first Sun Valley Tour de Force. The weekend is a perfect combination of her love for cars and social impact. Whitney lives in Boise with her husband, their Mustang Mach-E, and their Chihuahua Poodle, who was a Dachshund Yorkie before his DNA test proved everyone wrong.