Since its first event year in 2018, Sun Valley Tour de Force has donated over $1.9 million dollars to programs supporting the local community







Donated to The Hunger Coalition
(No event, due to COVID)

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and a Ford Transit 15-passenger van
Donated to Idaho BaseCamp

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2023 - 6th Annual Sun Valley Tour de Force

Sun Valley Tour de Force named The Hunger Coalition its 2023 beneficiary, a local nonprofit with a holistic approach to food security. As one of the most respected nonprofits in Blaine County, The Hunger Coalition is building on its nearly 20 years of hunger-relief work by addressing systemic issues including health, education, and affordable housing. The organization is doubling down on its mission to build a healthy community through access to good food and address the root causes of food insecurity in collaboration with key partners.

The Intrepid Events, Inc. Board of Directors came to this decision after learning that more than half of the local population is one life event away from food insecurity, in one of the wealthiest counties in the country. “While there are many worthy nonprofits in Blaine County doing great work, we believe that funding programs solving the systemic issues that lead to food insecurity is most urgent in our community,” said Dave Stone, Intrepid Events, Inc. Board of Director and owner of Sun Valley Auto Club.

The Hunger Coalition received a donation of $1,000,000 and was permitted to use $100,000 of the donated funds to support local like-missioned organizations. These donations, aimed at supporting “root causes” of food insecurity, included a $50,000 gift to Blaine County Education Foundation (BCEF) and a $50,000 gift to The Space. In addition, the Intrepid Events Board voted unanimously to give Blaine County’s First Responder Support Team (BCFiRST) a donation of $25,000 to support mental health services for the local first responder community.


2022 - 5th Annual Sun Valley Tour de Force

As a result of the 2022 event, Sun Valley Tour de Force donated $600,000 to The Hunger Coalition – at the time this was one of the single biggest donations to The Hunger Coalition outside of its capital campaign.

“A donation of this size is absolutely transformational,” said Krista Felton, Director of Philanthropy at The Hunger Coalition. “It’s about one-fifth of our annual budget and enough to cover the cost of all our children’s programs, and more, for a whole year.”


2021 - 4th Annual Sun Valley Tour de Force

SVTdF presented a check for $175,000 to The Hunger Coalition. The donation went to fuel the Healthy Food Pantry for five months and provided nearly 5,500 grocery carts full of nutritious food for the community.


2020 - 3rd Annual Sun Valley Tour de Force

Although the event was cancelled due to COVID-19, our generous ‘SVTdF family’ came together to support our nonprofit beneficiary, The Hunger Coalition. In a time of extreme need, SVTdF was able to donate $15,000 to ensure that people struggling with food insecurity in Wood River Valley would not go hungry.


2019 - 2nd Annual Sun Valley Tour de Force

Sun Valley Tour de Force presented Idaho BaseCamp with a donation valued at over $100,000. The donation was a Ford Transit 15-passenger van and a check for $65,000. The funds were used for scholarships to the new south valley after-school program and continued funding of the fifth-grade Outdoor Adventure Camps for 150 students.

“The donation from Sun Valley Tour de Force is not about what it means to Idaho BaseCamp but what it means to our community. This money will be used to offer scholarships to the youth of our valley for Outdoor Adventure Education programs and After School Programs. And – the donated van means that our children are safe and traveling in style! Thank you, Sun Valley Tour de Force, for making a big impact on our Valley!” – Mat Gershater, Executive Director, Idaho Basecamp


2018 - 1st Annual Sun Valley Tour de Force

Sun Valley Tour de Force raised funds to send 52 public school students to Idaho BaseCamp. Students from both Bellevue Elementary and Mackay School enjoyed a two-night campout filled with outdoor adventure education, free of charge, at Idaho BaseCamp’s headquarters 45 minutes outside of Sun Valley, Idaho. The students participated in a complete program focused on internal growth, developing personal responsibility, team building, leadership activities, and mindfulness skills. The outdoor classroom focuses on science, animals and the environment with a special emphasis on nature preservation. With a no screen policy at camp, students experienced full immersion in nature and ample quality time with their counselors and peers.