Board of Directors

Kevin LaChapelle
President, Board of Directors
Our fearless board president, Kevin, has quickly become an integral member of this SVTdF family. A 35-year Microsoft executive, Kevin knows a thing or two about running organizations and keeping them relevant. He has also invented the in-car device that all high-speed run cars have installed which wirelessly transmits the real time speeds to the drivers pit.

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John Frey
Treasurer, Board of Directors
Originally from Minnesota, John Frey fell in love with Sun Valley on his first ski trip to the area in 1995, and it’s been home since 2009. A car guy from birth, his first car was a ‘72 Mercury Capri V6 and there have been countless cars since then, but his true love has always been the Porsche 911.

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Dave Stone
Secretary, Board of Directors
Dave credits his love of cars to his dad, Bob. When he was 17 he first drove Phantom Hill north of Ketchum slightly above the posted limit in his 1978 VW Rabbit and wondered to himself how it could be done legally. Years later, and never forgetting that feeling, he worked with Sheriff Walt Femling to make this event a reality.

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