A Ketchum native, Max Monahan grew up in the Wood River Community, taking advantage of all the unique amenities and opportunities the area offers for a budding auto enthusiast and is here to return the favor. When Dave Stone invited him to work at the Sun Valley Auto Club as a young adult, he instantly took the opportunity and felt right at home. Realizing the potential of online retailing, he has run with that niche professionally for the past decade, helping buyers and sellers transact collector and enthusiast vehicles online across the globe. Always looking to share knowledge and connect with and inspire the next generation or enthusiast is what keeps him involved with this top-notch team. When he isn’t hunting a deal, he is spending time hunting the perfect bluebird groomer on skis, upland birds with his sporting dog, trout on lazy waters, a water ski pull at Redfish Lake (preferably behind a 90’s Mastercraft), and the next evolution in digital automotive retailing, with his Ford Raptor in the parking lot.