An Update on Phantom Hill Spectating

Sun Valley Tour de Force directors recently received an official rejection letter from the SNRA (Sawtooth National Recreational Area governs the protected lands of the Sawtooth National Forest) which denies spectators the opportunity to watch the high speed runs, as per our permit application. This denial is very unfortunate news as the view from
Phantom Hill has been legendary, with a designated spectator area being permitted by SNRA for many years in the past. This year, spectators are allowed to view the event from Phantom Hill, but without a permit there will not be any hosted restrooms, tents, bleachers, food trucks, or any services in this area. Also, the Harriman Trail will be closed to motorized vehicles and no parking is allowed at anytime on Highway 75. The Harriman Trail will be open to bikes and riders are asked to adhere to all volunteer and event personnel during the event and when crossing Highway 75. SVTdF will have a bike trailer running during the event to transport cyclists northbound and southbound past the event road closure. When the course is hot (cars on the road) the road will be closed to all traffic.

SVTdF is able to offer a limited number of passes to view the high-speed event with the VIP Pit pass. The pass allows access to the Start Line and Drivers’ Pits and provides refreshments, lunch, SVTdF hat & t-shirt, transportation and automatic entry to win a Passenger ride, on the day (for guests over 21).

Please understand that we did everything we could to try to secure the permit and we can imagine this will come as disappointing news to our fans.

For folks wanting to know more….The rejection letter states the application was denied specifically because “There are other stretches of highway in the area that can reasonably accommodate the race and affiliated spectator event that would not require the use of NFS land. This has been demonstrated by a similar event held south of Bellevue in 2018.” In the letter, the Area Ranger includes, “Your proposal does not meet the initial screening criteria and thus has been rejected and will receive no further processing or consideration.”

We hope that you will still choose to join us this year and help show your support for the event. We will get the ideas flowing and find new ways to keep this event accessible to the community, after all that’s what it’s all about!