Peter is a distinguished figure in the automotive and broadcasting world, known for his passion for cars and his remarkable career in radio. He spent over four decades as a rock radio personality during which he has become a veteran voice that has resonated with generations of listeners. A lifelong car enthusiast, his love for cars extends beyond the racetrack and radio to in-person hosting. He is most notable as the Host and MC of the popular Caffeine and Carburetors shows in New Canaan, CT. Sun Valley Tour de Force is proud to have Peter MC throughout the weekend’s events with the highlight being his color commentary and vast industry knowledge shared with the thousands of guests perusing the annual SVTdF Car Show. Peter resides in New Canaan, Connecticut, with his wife Nez and their Airdale, Agnes. He is also deeply connected to Sun Valley, Idaho. Having maintained a local residence since the mid-1980s, he is an integral part of the community. Peter stands committed to the worthy local charitable causes that SVTdF supports. He notes, “Every year the bar of support for those in need in Blaine County is raised, and SVTdF is there to meet those needs. I’m honored to do my part.”