Kirsten Terra was born and raised in Ketchum, Idaho, and is now raising her young family in the valley. Kirsten studied at UCLA and has worked in a variety of sciences including mental health, emergency care and biotech. She transitioned into event planning and fundraising when she had children, and has loved bringing fun events to the community. Her intimate knowledge of the valley and its people gives her a distinct perspective for creating a unique experience. She has long had a love for fast cars; speed is in her blood as her father was a ski racer. She has spent some time on Laguna Seca Raceway and reached her personal top speed on Phantom Hill.

Kirsten is thrilled to be part of such an exciting event that is made even better by its fundraising successes. Growing up in this small tight-knit valley, Kirsten knows how impactful giving back to your community can be and is passionate about local philanthropy whether it be coaching kids in soccer, picking up trash on the highway or tutoring incarcerated teens. You will most likely find Kirsten outdoors camping, boating, hiking or skiing with her family and friends.