Our fearless board president, Kevin, has quickly become an integral member of this SVTdF family. A 35-year Microsoft executive, Kevin knows a thing or two about running organizations and keeping them relevant. He has also invented the in-car device that all high-speed run cars have installed which wirelessly transmits the real time speeds to the drivers pit.

Kevin’s passion for cars and speed is well documented. An Audi R8 guy who has eclipsed 200 mph on numerous occasions at SVTdF and, through his generosity, has helped more than a few others also attain that achievement. His enthusiasm for life and having fun is evident. Kevin hosts an annual tournament in Belize working to eradicate the invasive lion fish.

Currently based in Washington, he is making plans for the day he will move to the Sun Valley area full time. Kevin and his wife, Whittnee, who was born in Sun Valley, have five children. His philanthropic passion is supporting programming surrounding food insecurity.