Dave credits his love of cars to his dad, Bob. When he was 17 he first drove Phantom Hill north of Ketchum slightly above the posted limit in his 1978 VW Rabbit and wondered to himself how it could be done legally. Years later, and never forgetting that feeling, he worked with Sheriff Walt Femling to make this event a reality. Along with his fellow co-founders, Maya Blix and Whitney Slade, that 17 year old kid’s idea has blossomed into this event that has raised millions for our community and garnered worldwide attention.

Dave and his wife Lara are the owners of the Sun Valley Auto Club and his passion for his family, cars, hockey, cabin, bourbon and the greater Wood River Valley are well known. Dave is a Porsche guy, 200 MPH Club member and a passionate car collector. This year he will be running the very first customer delivered Porsche 911 Reimagined By Singer Turbo Study.