Thank you to all who participated and came out to watch our NO SPEED LIMIT event at Phantom Hill this year! It was an exciting event with spectacular cars pushing their top speeds on a 4 mile stretch of Idaho State Highway 75. We have collected all the results and sorted them in a few different ways. Feel free to choose from the options below on how you would like to review the high speed results.

Please note – this year we had a brand new speed trap system that our friends from Microsoft designed for our event. Each participating vehicle was equipped with a GPS device that tracked each driver’s entire run. This means that we were able to track their top speeds no matter where it happened on the course. Being the first year we used this new system, we also used our ‘old’ Race America speed trap as back up. The old system tracks speeds in one location only, towards the finish line. The official speeds are the TOP speeds using the new system.