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We welcome car fans of all ages! Fur-babies and other pets need to stay at home.

The Saturday high speed runs take place about 15 miles north of Ketchum, in the scenic Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA). This land is regulated and governed by Forest Service and therefore has limited access to Sun Valley Tour de Force. Special Events permits can be issued when hosting more than 75 guests and this permit would allow SVTdF to host spectators on Phantom Hill. Unfortunately, the SNRA has consistently denied the SVTdF application for a Special Events permit. SVTdF reminds folks who want to view the runs that they must follow all direction from law enforcement, event officials, and volunteers and follow all safety precautions during the event.

Spectators are still allowed to view the event from Phantom Hill, but without a permit there will not be any hosted restrooms, tents, bleachers, food trucks, or any services in this area. The Harriman Trail will be closed to motorized vehicles and no parking is allowed on Highway 75.

We will announce participating vehicles on our social media channels!

Other events throughout the Sun Valley Tour de Force weekend include Huckleberry Drive and SVTdF Car Show. Please sign up for our newsletter for all future updates on how to participate in our 2022 event.

Yes, Harriman Trail will be open to bikes. Please adhere to all volunteer and event personnel during the event and when crossing Highway 75. We will offer a bike trailer on the three mile course throughout the event, helping bikers move past the course while traffic is open. Please feel free to use this free service for your safety and convenience. Thank you for your patience!

When the course is hot (cars on the road) the road will be closed to traffic. Traffic will be stopped traveling North and South for approximately 20 minutes when the road is closed. Thank you for your patience! If you have concerns, please e-mail us:

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