The Friday Car Show is FREE to attend. If you want to register your car to participate in the Car Show, there is a $30 fee. Proceeds go to support programming at Idaho BaseCamp. REGISTER FOR CAR SHOW

We welcome car fans of all ages! Fur-babies and other pets need to stay at home.

More spectator on how to spectate the event to be released soon – please sign up for our newsletter for all future updates!

Sure! Outside food and drinks are permitted, but alcohol is strictly prohibited.

We don’t publish a list of entrants for the high-speed event, as many of our participants request that we respect their privacy and anonymity. We may mention certain cars as we get closer to the event, but for now it is not public information.

Other events throughout the Sun Valley Tour de Force weekend include the Huckleberry Drive (for a $30 fee per car) and the Friday Car Show. All ages are welcome to attend both events. The Car Show is free to spectate and just $30 to register a car.

Folks are welcome to take photos and video, but all spectators must be 300 feet off the road. People approached by Blaine County Law Enforcement and Sun Valley Tour de Force event personnel will need to follow all rules and safety regulations while the high-speed event is occurring. Event personnel and safety officers will stop the event if people are not a safe distance off the road.

Yes, Harriman Trail will be open to bikes. Please adhere to all volunteer and event personnel during the event and when crossing Highway 75.

When the course is hot (cars on the road) the road will be closed to traffic. Traffic will be stopped traveling North and South for approximately 15-20 minutes when the road is closed. Thank you for your patience!

Do you have further questions?

Please e-mail us at [email protected]