Sun Valley Tour de Force breaks donation record to The Hunger Coalition

A non-profit in Blaine County is cruising the fast lane when it comes to giving back to local communities in need.

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New McLaren 750S Supercar Joins the 200 mph Club During North American Debut

In the breathtaking setting of Sun Valley, Idaho, the automotive world witnessed an exhilarating event as the all-new McLaren 750S Spider made its dynamic debut on North American soil.

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McLaren 750S joins the 200 mph club during its North American dynamic debut

The new McLaren 750S Spider made its North American dynamic debut and became a member of the coveted '200 mph club' at the Sun Valley Tour de Force event on Saturday, July 22nd with former McLaren Formula 1 driver Stefan Johansson piloting the brand's latest supercar.

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“Since we at The Drive are suckers for any chance to see fast cars hauling ass, we were more than happy to book a trip out to Idaho for a chance to see the assembly of Porsches, Ferraris, Corvettes, and even more exotic sheetmetal (hello, Singer Vehicle Design) try and see how high a speed each of them could achieve when given legal carte blanche and a tank full of racing fuel.”

“Imagine you are stopped by a policeman in your sports car on a smallish, two-lane back road just outside of Sun Valley, Idaho. Rather than scold you, though, the officer smiles and gives a ‘thumbs up.’ You respond by lighting up the tires and screaming up a hill into a wide left-hander at 140mph, cresting at 170, then plummeting back down the hill through a speed trap at over 200 mph.”

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